The game

Learn details about the game and how the game works.


Players and opponents
The player places the fleet on the playing field according to his own strategy.
Player’s opponent is an A.I. the stronger one that increases with the rank of the player wins. The A.I. will therefore estimate the more precise hit the higher the player rank is.

Game mode
Two game modes can be played. Defensive game mode is simple gameplay. In the attack game mode, the player has 2 options that can be used by the required number of points.


If the opponent’s fleet is hit, the player receives points. Points are deducted for hits caused by opponents.

Victory or defeat
The game ends with victory for the player when the player has sunk all 6 ships or the entire fleet of the opponent. A defeat for the player occurs when all 6 units or the entire fleet of the player is sunk.

High score
The points generated in the game are only entered in the high score list if the new score is higher than the old score. This means that only the highest number of points is visible as a record in the list.

Units and fleet
The fleet consists of 6 units. Five of these are surface units and one is an underwater (submarine) unit. The player can place the units randomly or automatically. There are the following ship types:

Aircraft Carrier: Size 4×7, takes 10 hits.

Warship: Size 4×8, takes 6 hits.

Frigate: Size 4×7, takes 5 hits.

Cruiser: Size 4×6, takes 4 hits.

Submarine: Size 4×6, takes 4 hits.

Assault boat: Size 3×5, takes 3 hits.