Right of withdrawal

Important information about the right of withdrawal, membership, payments and membership termination. If you have further questions on these topics, look for the answer on the knowledge base page.

The membership

This is a virtual account management system for the game points that are required for playing an internal game. For setting up and using a membership account, the corresponding membership fee will be charged. The payments for the chargeable memberships are not revocable. Membership can be terminated at any time online in the account management.


The points are virtual that are required to play the game. For this reason, points are not paid out. The payments for the purchase of points are not revocable.

Product recommendations

Product recommendations are products that are recommended in the shop. The product provider AMAZON can refund the payments for the product receipts within the framework of its own terms and conditions. When purchasing a product, the user or customer acts directly with the product provider AMAZON. All business and payment matters must therefore be clarified with the product provider AMAZON.

Consequences of membership termination

The termination of a membership leads to the deletion of all data stored on Admiral Wars. The member’s data to be deleted includes personal information and information about public membership such as Coming along and news.

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